WiredTree adds MariaDB for Faster Performance

WiredTree, an experienced provider of managed virtual private servers (VPS hosting), dedicated servers, and hybrid servers, has announced the availability of MariaDB on all hosting plans at no additional cost to customers.

Some performance related reasons from the press release include:

  • "MariaDB is a fast and easy-to-implement MySQL alternative we believe can help customers maximize website performance," says Zac Cogswell, President of WiredTree. "From content management to message boards like Joomla or vBulletin, our dedicated server hosting customers need robust database storage that can keep up with demand. MariaDB offers the same functionality as MySQL, but with optimized storage engines to make queries faster than ever before."
  • "Take vBulletin as an example," says Cogswell. "Open sessions are kept in heap tables, which do not have clustered indexes. As a result, processing is slow. Heap tables are a common place for database performance to suffer, but MariaDB can speed them up significantly. An INSERT statement runs up to 24% faster, while indexes can be 60% faster. Our customers who use vBulletin, Joomla, or any application that uses heap tables will notice a dramatic speed increase. As a result, MariaDB can maintain its speed, even with many concurrent connections."

Please read the press release for more.


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