Web of Trust Places Trust in MariaDB

We spoke with Dean Clatworthy and Timo Ala-Kleemola about their usage of MariaDB at Web of Trust or more affectionately known to their userbase as '''WOT'''.

WOT is a service that shows you which websites you can trust based on the experiences of millions of users around the world. WOT identifies online threats which automated security technologies miss: Bad customer experience, phishing and age-inappropriate content for children are examples of threats that require human input. WOT is easy-to-use, fast and completely free for multiple browsers. Facebook links are also protected thru the WOT service.

For WOT, it all started in February 2011 to migrate two production servers, one backup server, and a test environment (in 2012, this has grown tremendously). The reason behind the migration was simple: "WOT needed to upgrade from MySQL 5.0 to MySQL 5.1 and MariaDB provided better tools for that," Ala-Kleemola said.

When queried if there were any hiccups during the migration, Ala-Kleemola said "We didn't have any problems that are worth mentioning." He continued, "Installation was straight forward once you read the instructions and MariaDB just worked."

As always, we at Team MariaDB are very happy when things "just work". Go ahead and download Web of Trust and have it running in all major browsers from Firefox, Chrome, Opera and more.


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