How can I Move (migrate) a Replication Server (MariaDB) to a new Hardware and OS.

I have a server (Master) and 5 clients (slaves). The replication work’s fine. Now I must migrate the Server/Master Database to a new System. How can I move/migrate the old Master DB to the new Hardware?

1: Install MariaDB on new System. 2: Create all Table and so on on ew system. 3: Stop replikation on old Server 4: export all Tabledata from old Server and import to the new server 5: Start Replikation with the new Server IP ???

Answer Answered by Ian Gilfillan in this comment.

Essentially yes, although importing and creating the tables are usually done at the same time.

You can also run the new master as a slave at first, and then switch to using it as the new master (this might save you some disruption to your environment). See for a description of this process.


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