Stored Function Limitations

The following restrictions apply to stored functions.

  • All of the restrictions listed in Stored Routine Limitations.
  • Any statements that return a result set are not permitted. For example, a regular SELECTs is not permitted, but a SELECT INTO is. A cursor and FETCH statement is permitted.
  • FLUSH statements are not permitted.
  • Statements that perform explicit or implicit commits or rollbacks are not permitted
  • Cannot be used recursively.
  • Cannot make changes to a table that is already in use (reading or writing) by the statement invoking the stored function.
  • Cannot refer to a temporary table multiple times under different aliases, even in different statements.
  • ROLLBACK TO SAVEPOINT and RELEASE SAVEPOINT statement which are in a stored function cannot refer to a savepoint which has been defined out of the current function.
  • Prepared statements (PREPARE, EXECUTE, DEALLOCATE PREPARE) cannot be used, and therefore nor can statements be constructed as strings and then executed.


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