Time Zones / Multi-Source Replication

To All,

I was wondering how MariaDB 10.0.2 handles multi-source replication when Masters come from different time-zones. Does it use the --default-time-zone parameter in the INI file? If so, this would present problems wouldn't it? How does MariaDB keep time-zone information consistent between multiple sources?

- Tom Thorp IT Administrator Classic Holidays tom.thorp@classicholidayclub.com.au


Copying the answer from this comment:

Each slave is running in a different connnection and each connection can have and work with different timezones. That means that each connection in a multi-source setup works exactly like if you would have a normal master-slave setup.

Timestamp and NOW() are replicated in GMT, and is thus independent of timezones.

TIME, DATETIME and DATE are replicated verbatim and there is no timezone involved either on master or slave.


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