Changes and Improvements in MariaDB 10.10

The most recent release of MariaDB 10.10 is:
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MariaDB 10.10 is a current short-term support development branch. See Plans for MariaDB 10.10.

New Features & Improvements


  • Change defaults for CHANGE MASTER TO so that GTID-based replication is used by default if master supports it (MDEV-19801)
  • Deprecate MASTER_USE_GTID=Current_Pos to favor new MASTER_DEMOTE_TO_SLAVE option (MDEV-20122)


  • Improve optimization of joins with many tables, including eq_ref tables (MDEV-28852)
  • Table elimination does not work across derived tables (MDEV-26278)

UCA14 Collation


  • Implement a method to add IPs to allowlist for Galera Cluster node addresses that can make SST/IST requests (MDEV-27246)


The following variables have been deprecated:

List of All MariaDB 10.10 Releases

DateReleaseStatusRelease NotesChangelog
MariaDB 10.10.1UnreleasedRelease Notes
23 Jun 2022MariaDB 10.10.0AlphaRelease Notes


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