MariaDB 10.10.6 Release Notes

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Release date: 14 Aug 2023

MariaDB 10.10 is a previous short-term maintenance stable series of MariaDB, maintained until November 2023. It is an evolution of MariaDB 10.9 with several entirely new features.

MariaDB 10.10.6 is a Stable (GA) release.

For an overview of MariaDB 10.10 see the What is MariaDB 10.10? page.

Thanks, and enjoy MariaDB!

Notable Items

Upgrading from MySQL

  • MariaDB now detects and converts previously incompatible MySQL partition schemes (MDEV-29253)


  • As per the MariaDB Deprecation Policy, this will be the last release of MariaDB 10.10 for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS "Bionic" and Ubuntu 22.10 "Kinetic"
  • mariadb-dump --force doesn't ignore error as it should (MDEV-31092)
  • 280 Bytes lost in mysys/array.c, mysys/hash.c, sql/, sql/, sql/, sql/, sql/sql_yacc.yy:10748 when using oracle sql_mode (MDEV-26186)
  • SQL/PL package body does not appear in I_S.ROUTINES.ROUTINE_DEFINITION (MDEV-30662)
  • Unexpected result when combining DISTINCT, subselect and LIMIT (MDEV-28285)
  • ROW variables do not get assigned from subselects (MDEV-31250)
  • Crash after setting global session_track_system_variables to an invalid value (MDEV-25237)
  • ODKU of non-versioning column inserts history row (MDEV-23100)
  • UPDATE not working properly on transaction precise system versioned table (MDEV-25644)
  • Assertion `const_item_cache == true' failed in Item_func::fix_fields (MDEV-31319)
  • ANALYZE doesn't work with pushed derived tables (MDEV-29284)
  • get_partition_set is never executed in ha_partition::multi_range_key_create_key due to bitwise & with 0 constant (MDEV-24712)
  • Client can crash the server with a mysql_list_fields("view") call (MDEV-30159)
  • I_S.parameters not immediatly changed updated after procedure change (MDEV-31064)
  • bzero wipes more bytes than necessary in set_global_from_ddl_log_entry (MDEV-31521)
  • Assertion `0' failed in Type_handler_row::field_type upon TO_CHAR with wrong argument (MDEV-29152)
  • mysql_upgrade fails due to old_mode="", with "Cannot load from mysql.proc. The table is probably corrupted" (MDEV-28915)

Character Sets, Data Types

  • UUIDs version >= 6 are now stored without byte-swapping, UUIDs with version >=8 and variant=0 are now considered invalid, old tables are supported, old (always byte swapped) and new (swapped for version < 6) UUIDs can be compared and converted transparently (MDEV-29959)
  • UBSAN: null pointer passed as argument 1, which is declared to never be null in my_strnncoll_binary on SELECT ... COUNT or GROUP_CONCAT (MDEV-28384)
  • Possibly wrong result or Assertion `0' failed in Item_func_round::native_op (MDEV-23838)
  • Assertion `(length % 4) == 0' failed in my_lengthsp_utf32 on SELECT (MDEV-29019)
  • UBSAN: negation of -X cannot be represented in type 'long long int'; cast to an unsigned type to negate this value to itself in Item_func_mul::int_op and Item_func_round::int_op (MDEV-30932)
  • Assorted assertion failures in json_find_path with certain collations (MDEV-23187)



  • Various crashes upon INSERT/UPDATE after changing Aria settings (MDEV-28054)
  • Various crashes/asserts/corruptions when Aria encryption is enabled/used, but the encryption plugin is not loaded (MDEV-26258)


  • SIGSEGV in spider_db_open_item_field and SIGSEGV in spider_db_print_item_type, on SELECT (MDEV-29447)
  • Spider variables that double as table params overriding mechanism is buggy (MDEV-31524)


  • ANALYZE FORMAT=JSON now includes InnoDB engine statistics for each table (MDEV-31577)
  • Assertion `last_key_entry >= end_pos' failed in virtual bool JOIN_CACHE_HASHED::put_record() (MDEV-31348)
  • Problem with open ranges on prefix blobs keys (MDEV-31800)
  • Equal on two RANK window functions create wrong result (MDEV-20010)
  • Recursive CTE execution is interrupted without errors or warnings (MDEV-31214)
  • Assertion `s->table->opt_range_condition_rows <= s->found_records' failed in apply_selectivity_for_table (MDEV-31449)
  • Inconsistency between MRR and SQL layer costs can cause poor query plan (MDEV-31479)
  • MAX_SEL_ARG memory exhaustion is not visible in the optimizer trace (MDEV-30964)
  • SHOW TABLES not working properly with lower_case_table_names=2 (MDEV-30765)
  • Segfault on select query using index for group-by and filesort (MDEV-30143)
  • Server crash in store_length, assertion failure in Type_handler_string_result::sort_length (MDEV-31743)



  • Node never returns from Donor/Desynced to Synced when wsrep_mode = BF_ABORT_MARIABACKUP (MDEV-31737)
  • Node has been dropped from the cluster on Startup / Shutdown with async replica (MDEV-31413)
  • KILL QUERY maintains nodes data consistency but breaks GTID sequence (MDEV-31075)
  • Assertion failure !lock.was_chosen_as_deadlock_victim in trx0trx.h:1065 (MDEV-30963)
  • MariaDB stuck on starting commit state (waiting on commit order critical section) (MDEV-29293)
  • Assertion state() == s_aborting || state() == s_must_replay failed in int wsrep::transaction::after_rollback() (MDEV-30013)
  • Assertion !wsrep_has_changes(thd) || (thd->lex->sql_command == SQLCOM_CREATE_TABLE && !thd->is_current_stmt_binlog_format_row()) || thd->wsrep_cs().transaction().state() == wsrep::transaction::s_aborted failed (MDEV-30388)
  • Server crashes when wsrep_sst_donor and wsrep_cluster_address set to NULL (MDEV-28433)
  • Create temporary sequence can cause inconsistency (MDEV-31335)
  • Galera 4 unable to query cluster state if not primary component (MDEV-21479)


For a complete list of changes made in MariaDB 10.10.6, with links to detailed information on each push, see the changelog.


For a full list of contributors to MariaDB 10.10.6, see the MariaDB Foundation release announcement.

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