ColumnStore Create Procedure

Creates a stored routine in ColumnStore.


    [DEFINER = { user | CURRENT_USER }]
    PROCEDURE sp_name ([proc_parameter[,...]])
    [characteristic ...] routine_body

    [ IN | OUT | INOUT ] param_name type

    Any valid MariaDB ColumnStore data type

    Valid SQL procedure statement

ColumnStore currently accepts definition of stored procedures with only input arguments and a single SELECT query while in Operating Mode = 1 (VTABLE mode). However, while in the Operating Mode = 0 (TABLE mode), ColumnStore will allow additional complex definition of stored procedures (i.e., OUT parameter, declare, cursors,etc.)

The following statements create and call the sp_complex_variable stored procedure:

CREATE PROCEDURE sp_complex_variable(in arg_key int, in arg_date date)
    Select *
    from lineitem, orders
    where o_custkey < arg_key
    and l_partkey < 10000
    and l_shipdate>arg_date
    and l_orderkey = o_orderkey
    order by l_orderkey, l_linenumber;

call sp_complex_variable(1000, '1998-10-10');


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