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Latest Packages

Tarballs, source and binaries (Linux and Windows), and packages for some Linux distributions are available at

We hope that interested community package maintainers will step forward, as others already have, to build packages for their distributions. We ask for strict adherence to your packaging system's best practices and invite you to create a bug report if our project impedes this in any way.

Instructions how to install the packages can be found here. See the Includes MariaDB documentation page for a list of which Linux distributions that include MariaDB.

Pre-Release Binaries

Binaries from our Buildbot system at are available as containers on{major version}. Tags available are listed here.

These haven't passed through a full release process; however changes there have been reviewed and are considered complete by the server developers. Its recommend to use these for testing.

Getting the Source

The download page contains the source for all released binaries. You can find the latest source code at

To retrieve the code, the Git source control software offers the path of least resistance. If you are unfamiliar with git, please refer to the git documentation for an understanding of version control with git.

For instructions on creating a local branch of MariaDB, see the Getting the MariaDB Source Code page.

See the Generic Build Instructions page for general instructions on compiling MariaDB from the source. The source page has links to platform and distribution-specific information, including information on how we build the release packages.

Old Versions

Running the most recent MariaDB version is generally the best choice. Note that there are long-term releases, maintained for five years, short-term releases, maintained for one year, and rolling releases. However, some organizations still use old or very old versions of MariaDB. An upgrade would probably require important changes in their applications, and sometimes they don't even have the sources of those applications. contains all historical releases.

There are source and repositories there. To use repositories see the following link:

It is also possible to access Docker Official Images of MariaDB back to 5.5.40 when it became an official image (available tags).

Answered Questions

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