MariaDB starting with 10.2.3

JSON functions were added in MariaDB 10.2.3.


JSON_EXTRACT(json_doc, path[, path] ...)


Extracts data from a JSON document. The extracted data is selected from the parts matching the path arguments. Returns all matched values; either as a single matched value, or, if the arguments could return multiple values, a result autowrapped as an array in the matching order.

Returns NULL if no paths match or if any of the arguments are NULL.

An error will occur if any path argument is not a valid path, or if the json_doc argument is not a valid JSON document.

The path expression must be a valid lax JSONPath expression. The specification for JSONPath can be found for example at https://www.wiscorp.com/pub/DM32.2-2014-00025r1-sql-json-part-2.pdf .


SET @json = '[1, 2, [3, 4]]';

SELECT JSON_EXTRACT(@json, '$[1]');
| JSON_EXTRACT(@json, '$[1]') |
| 2                           |

SELECT JSON_EXTRACT(@json, '$[2]');
| JSON_EXTRACT(@json, '$[2]') |
| [3, 4]                      |

SELECT JSON_EXTRACT(@json, '$[2][1]');
| JSON_EXTRACT(@json, '$[2][1]') |
| 4                              |

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