Returns the type of a JSON value (as a string), or NULL if the argument is null.

An error will occur if the argument is an invalid JSON value.

The following is a complete list of the possible return types:

Return typeValueExample
ARRAYJSON array[1, 2, {"key": "value"}]
OBJECTJSON object{"key":"value"}
BOOLEANJSON true/false literalstrue, false
DOUBLEA number with at least one floating point decimal.1.2
INTEGERA number without a floating point decimal.1
NULLJSON null literal (this is returned as a string, not to be confused with the SQL NULL value!)null
STRINGJSON String"a sample string"


SELECT JSON_TYPE('{"A": 1, "B": 2, "C": 3}');
| JSON_TYPE('{"A": 1, "B": 2, "C": 3}') |
| OBJECT                                |


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