JSON_MERGE_PATCH(json_doc, json_doc[, json_doc] ...)


Merges the given JSON documents, returning the merged result, or NULL if any argument is NULL.

JSON_MERGE_PATCH is an RFC 7396-compliant replacement for JSON_MERGE, which has been deprecated.

Unlike JSON_MERGE_PRESERVE, members with duplicate keys are not preserved.


SET @json1 = '[1, 2]';
SET @json2 = '[2, 3]';
SELECT JSON_MERGE_PATCH(@json1,@json2),JSON_MERGE_PRESERVE(@json1,@json2);
| JSON_MERGE_PATCH(@json1,@json2) | JSON_MERGE_PRESERVE(@json1,@json2) |
| [2, 3]                          | [1, 2, 2, 3]                       |


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