MariaDB Connector/Python 1.1.8 Release Notes

The most recent Stable (GA) release of MariaDB Connector/Python is:
MariaDB Connector/Python 1.1.10

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Release date: 16 Oct 2023

This is a stable release of the MariaDB Connector/Python.

For a description of this library see the MariaDB Connector/Python documentation .

MariaDB Connector/Python enables python programs to access MariaDB and MySQL databases, using an API which is compliant with the Python DB API 2.0 (PEP-249). It is written in C and uses MariaDB Connector/C client library for client server communication.

Notable changes

  • CONPY-271: Cusor object provides now a metadata attribute, which returns resultset metadata as a dictionary. metadata attribute also contains information about extended field types like JSON, UUID, INET4/6 and geometry types.
  • Added new constants mariadb.constants.EXT_FIELD_TYPE which describe extended field types..

Bug fixes

  • CONPY-270: Data will be converted to Binary only if the character set is binary, the BINARY_FLAG will be ignored.
  • CONPY-269: If cursors rowcount attribute will be retrieved after the cursor was closed, rowcount now returns -1 instead of raising an exception. This is a workaround for a pandas bug.


MariaDB Connector/Python 1.1.8 can be obtained from central python repository:

$ pip3 install mariadb

or to upgrade to the most recent version

$ pip3 install --upgrade mariadb


For a list of changes made in this release, with links to detailed information on each push, see the changelog.


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