regarding seconds behind master variable in 10.0.4

hi we setup maria 10.0.4 for multisource replication.

it was replicating from a percona 5.5 master. When we started replication, maria was a day behind its master.

its working fine but we noticed this phenomenon:

when we execute 'show all slaves status' consecutively the 'seconds_behind_master' flips from 0 to XXX and XXX to 0. XXX keeps decreasing though, which is good as its getting closer to the state of its master.

But wanted to know why the 'seconds_behind_master' comes down to 0 then again sets to a positive number.

Note: XXX is some positive number.

Thanking you. vishnu rao

Answer Answered by Elena Stepanova in this comment.

Indeed, I also observe seemingly random numbers in seconds_behind_master field. However, it doesn't seem to be related to multisource replication, it happens with a single master as well, and is also reproducible with MySQL 5.5 and MariaDB 5.5. Thus, I think it's most likely bug or, which were fixed in 5.6. We need to either merge the bugfixes or fix them on our own. Could you please submit a bug report at JIRA?



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