Changes and Improvements in MariaDB 10.11

MariaDB 10.11 is the previous long-term maintenance release series, maintained until February 2028.


New Features & Improvements

This list includes features from the short-term releases MariaDB 10.7, MariaDB 10.8, MariaDB 10.9 and MariaDB 10.10.



Descending Indexes


mysqlbinlog GTID support

  • mariadb-binlog (or mysqlbinlog as it was called back when the task was created) now supports both filtering events by GTID ranges through --start-position and --stop-position, and validating a binary log's ordering of GTIDs through --gtid-strict-mode (MDEV-4989, MariaDB 10.8).


  • Implement a method to add IPs to allowlist for Galera Cluster node addresses that can make SST/IST requests (MDEV-27246, MariaDB 10.10)
  • JSON file interface to wsrep node state / SST progress logging (MDEV-26971, MariaDB 10.9)




Information Schema

System versioning


InnoDB Redo Log Improvements

UCA14 Collation


  • Passwordless login for mariadb root user, for OS admin users (MDEV-26715)
  • On newer versions of Windows (Windows 10 1903 or later), the mariadb client defaults to the utf8mb4 character set. Several problems with Unicode input and output in client were fixed. Command line utilities now accept all Unicode characters in user names, database names, file names etc (in the past, characters were restricted to the current ANSI codepage) (MariaDB 10.8).

Spider Storage Engine

  • This was mostly internal refactoring work. As a result one can now declare Spider connections using the REMOTE_SERVER, REMOTE_DATABASE, and REMOTE_TABLE attributes and not abuse the COMMENT field for that. This works both for the whole table and per partition (MDEV-5271, MDEV-27106, MariaDB 10.8).

Convert Partitions

  • ALTER TABLE ... CONVERT PARTITION .. TO TABLE (MDEV-22166, MariaDB 10.7), and
  • ALTER TABLE ... CONVERT TABLE ... TO PARTITION ... (MDEV-22165) as an easy way to convert tables to partitions and back in one command, instead of a sequence of CREATE/EXCHANGE/DROP (MariaDB 10.7)



InnoDB Variables

Spider Variables

The following deprecated variables have been removed (MariaDB 10.10):

Security Vulnerabilities Fixed in MariaDB 10.11

For a complete list of security vulnerabilities (CVEs) fixed across all versions of MariaDB, see the Security Vulnerabilities Fixed in MariaDB page.

List of All MariaDB 10.11 Releases

DateReleaseStatusRelease NotesChangelog
16 May 2024MariaDB 10.11.8Stable (GA)Release NotesChangelog
7 Feb 2024MariaDB 10.11.7Stable (GA)Release NotesChangelog
13 Nov 2023MariaDB 10.11.6Stable (GA)Release NotesChangelog
14 Aug 2023MariaDB 10.11.5Stable (GA)Release NotesChangelog
7 Jun 2023MariaDB 10.11.4Stable (GA)Release NotesChangelog
10 May 2023MariaDB 10.11.3Stable (GA)Release NotesChangelog
16 Feb 2023MariaDB 10.11.2Stable (GA)Release NotesChangelog
17 Nov 2022MariaDB 10.11.1RCRelease NotesChangelog
26 Sep 2022MariaDB 10.11.0AlphaRelease Notes


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