ELT(N, str1[, str2, str3,...])


Takes a numeric argument and a series of string arguments. Returns the string that corresponds to the given numeric position. For instance, it returns str1 if N is 1, str2 if N is 2, and so on. If the numeric argument is a FLOAT, MariaDB rounds it to the nearest INTEGER. If the numeric argument is less than 1, greater than the total number of arguments, or not a number, ELT() returns NULL. It must have at least two arguments.

It is complementary to the FIELD() function.


SELECT ELT(1, 'ej', 'Heja', 'hej', 'foo');
| ELT(1, 'ej', 'Heja', 'hej', 'foo') |
| ej                                 |

SELECT ELT(4, 'ej', 'Heja', 'hej', 'foo');
| ELT(4, 'ej', 'Heja', 'hej', 'foo') |
| foo                                |

See also

  • FIND_IN_SET() function. Returns the position of a string in a set of strings.
  • FIELD() function. Returns the index position of a string in a list.


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