EXPORT_SET(bits, on, off[, separator[, number_of_bits]])


Takes a minimum of three arguments. Returns a string where each bit in the given bits argument is returned, with the string values given for on and off.

Bits are examined from right to left, (from low-order to high-order bits). Strings are added to the result from left to right, separated by a separator string (defaults as ','). You can optionally limit the number of bits the EXPORT_SET() function examines using the number_of_bits option.

If any of the arguments are set as NULL, the function returns NULL.


SELECT EXPORT_SET(5,'Y','N',',',4);
| EXPORT_SET(5,'Y','N',',',4) |
| Y,N,Y,N                     |

SELECT EXPORT_SET(6,'1','0',',',10);
| EXPORT_SET(6,'1','0',',',10) |
| 0,1,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0          |


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