RPAD(str, len [, padstr])


Returns the string str, right-padded with the string padstr to a length of len characters. If str is longer than len, the return value is shortened to len characters. If padstr is omitted, the RPAD function pads spaces.

Prior to MariaDB 10.3.1, the padstr parameter was mandatory.

Returns NULL if given a NULL argument. If the result is empty (a length of zero), returns either an empty string, or, from MariaDB 10.3.6 with SQL_MODE=Oracle, NULL.

The Oracle mode version of the function can be accessed outside of Oracle mode by using RPAD_ORACLE as the function name.


SELECT RPAD('hello',10,'.');
| RPAD('hello',10,'.') |
| hello.....           |

SELECT RPAD('hello',2,'.');
| RPAD('hello',2,'.') |
| he                  |

From MariaDB 10.3.1, with the pad string defaulting to space.

SELECT RPAD('hello',30);
| RPAD('hello',30)               |
| hello                          |

Oracle mode version from MariaDB 10.3.6:

| RPAD('',0) | RPAD_ORACLE('',0) |
|            | NULL              |

See Also

  • LPAD - Left-padding instead of right-padding.


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