Options for mariadb-plugin & mysql_plugin in 10.5 ES

The mariadb-plugin utility is the newer name for mysql_plugin, though you can still run it using either name.



--basedir (-b)

The basedir for the server.

--datadir (-d)

The datadir for the server.

--help (-?)

Display this help and exit.

--my-print-defaults (-f)

Path to my_print_defaults executable. Example: /source/temp11/extra

--mysqld (-m)

Path to mysqld executable. Example: /sbin/temp1/mysql/bin

--no-defaults (-n)

Do not read values from configuration file.

--plugin-dir (-p)

The plugin dir for the server.

--plugin-ini (-i)

Read plugin information from configuration file specified instead of from <plugin-dir>/<plugin_name>.ini.

--print-defaults (-P)

Show default values from configuration file.

--verbose (-v)

More verbose output; you can use this multiple times to get even more verbose output.

--version (-V)

Output version information and exit.