In 10.5 ES, 10.5 CS:

Grants ability to execute BINLOG statements, SET TIMESTAMP (special cases), SET (some variables only). Added in MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.5 as fine-grained SUPER privilege to reduce the dependency on SUPER. Prior to this version this will have been part of SUPER.

In 10.4 ES, 10.4 CS, 10.3 ES, 10.3 CS, 10.2 ES, 10.2 CS:

Not present

See also: Privileges in 10.5 ES, in 10.5 CS, in 10.4 ES, in 10.4 CS, in 10.3 ES, in 10.3 CS, in 10.2 ES, and in 10.2 CS


Grants the ability to execute BINLOG statements, which are output by mariadb-binlog.

Grants the ability to execute SET TIMESTAMP statements when secure_timestamp is set to replication.

Grants the ability to SET the session values of several system variables that are usually included in BINLOG statements:


Release Series


10.5 Enterprise

  • Present starting in MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.5.3-1.

10.5 Community

  • Added in MariaDB Community Server 10.5.2.

10.4 Enterprise

  • Not present.

10.4 Community

  • Not present.

10.3 Enterprise

  • Not present.

10.3 Community

  • Not present.

10.2 Enterprise

  • Not present.

10.2 Community

  • Not present.