Proxy Protocol


Xpand 6.1 adds support for the proxy protocol, which can be used to simplify authentication when used with a load balancer, such as MariaDB MaxScale:

  • When the proxy protocol is used with MaxScale, MaxScale transmits the original client IP address to Xpand, so that Xpand can use the client IP address as the origin address for the purposes of authentication, rather than using MaxScale's IP address.

  • Xpand supports both the v1 and v2 versions of the proxy protocol, including a mix of both versions.


  • MariaDB Xpand 6.1

Enable the Proxy Protocol

To enable the proxy protocol in Xpand for a specific network, set the proxy_protocol_networks system variable to a space-separated list of IPv4 networks:

SET GLOBAL proxy_protocol_networks='';

Xpand does not support a mix of proxy and non-proxy traffic on the same network.

When MaxScale is the load balancer, the proxy protocol must also be enabled in MaxScale by setting the proxy_protocol parameter.

Disable the Proxy Protocol

To disable the proxy protocol in Xpand, set the proxy_protocol_networks system variable to the empty string:

SET GLOBAL proxy_protocol_networks='';