MaxScale Redundancy


MariaDB MaxScale serves as the load balancer in certain MariaDB SkySQL topologies.

MariaDB SkySQL supports MaxScale Redundancy as an option at time of launch:

  • This feature is not enabled by default. By default, topologies that use MaxScale contain only one MaxScale node.

  • When MaxScale Redundancy is selected, MaxScale nodes are deployed in a highly available (HA) active-active configuration behind round robin load balancing.

  • When MaxScale Redundancy is enabled, MaxScale instance size can be selected.

  • MaxScale Redundancy is available to Power Tier customers.


  • Distributed Transactions, launched with 3 or more Xpand nodes

  • Multi-Node Analytics

  • Replicated Transactions

  • Single Node Analytics

Enable MaxScale Redundancy

  1. Launch a SkySQL service:

    • Check the "Enable MaxScale Redundancy" checkbox.

    • For Multi-Node Distributed Transactions topology, choose the number of MaxScale nodes. Two to five nodes can be selected for increased fault tolerance and scaling of maximum concurrent connections.

    • For all other topologies, two MaxScale nodes will be deployed when MaxScale redundancy is enabled.

    • Choose the MaxScale instance size