What's New in MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore 6?


MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore 6 is included with MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.6.

Disk-Based Aggregation

Disk-based aggregation allows larger aggregated result sets than can fit in memory. Prior to this feature, all aggregation operations were performed in memory. Disk-based aggregation is enabled through configuration.

Increased DECIMAL Precision

The maximum precision of DECIMAL (fixed-point numeric data type) is 38. Prior to this release, the maximum precision of DECIMAL was 18.

The columnstore_decimal_overflow_check system variable allows Enterprise ColumnStore to check for decimal overflows when working with DECIMAL values of precision >= 18. For additional information, see "Enable Decimal Overflow Checks".

LZ4 Compression

With this release, MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore supports LZ4 and Snappy compression. Configuration allows the user to choose the best compression algorithm for their data set. Prior to this release, Snappy compression was supported.

Update Transactional Data from ColumnStore Data

Through enhancement to Cross-Engine JOIN capabilities, UPDATE statements can update transactional tables (such as InnoDB and MyRocks) with data from ColumnStore tables:

UPDATE innodb_tab i
    JOIN columnstore_tab c
    ON i.col1 = c.col1
    SET i.col2 = c.col2;

Enterprise ColumnStore's mandatory utility user is used for Cross-Engine JOIN. The mandatory utility user requires the UPDATE privilege.

Prior to this release, UPDATE to ColumnStore data from transactional data was supported, however UPDATE to transactional data from ColumnStore data (an operation that requires Cross-Engine JOIN) was unsupported.