Install XpandGUI on a Standalone Server for MariaDB Xpand


By default, XpandGUI is included in the installation of Xpand. You can also configure the GUI portion of XpandGUI to run on a standalone server. The DBI portion of XpandGUI must run on the database server for XpandGUI to run.

Starting with MariaDB Xpand 6.1, XpandGUI is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Alternatives to XpandGUI include:


Log into the server as the Linux root user or a non-root Linux user with sudo privileges.

Download the standalone XpandGUI installer to the server, then untar and run the installer script using the non-root option

shell> tar xvf xpand-gui-installer.current_version.tar.bz2
shell> cd clustrix-gui*/
shell> ./ --non-root

The installer will present you with a list of options based on your server specifications. You may use the default values for most options. For additional information, see "XpandGUI Installer Options for MariaDB Xpand".

Type Yes to accept the terms of use and proceed with installation.

Logging into XpandGUI from a standalone server

Access XpandGUI by typing the ip or hostname into a web browser. For non-root installations, the include port 8080. Chrome is recommended.

If you are logging in for the first time, provide the following temporary credentials:

  • Email:

  • Password: mariadb

  • Target: hostname or IP address of any node in your cluster

Once you log in you will be access the front end GUI from the standalone server and visualizing data from the target node's DBI.

Xpand strongly recommends that you create a new user and delete the user. To create a new user, access the "Manage Users" in the upper right corner of any page by clicking on . For additional information, see Managing Users with XpandGUI for MariaDB Xpand.

Uninstall XpandGUI

To uninstall the Standalone XpandGUI, log in as root or a user with sudo access:

shell> /opt/clustrix/clxgui/bin/uninstall