Storage for Analytics services on AWS


Analytics services on AWS feature object storage for columnar data, SSD-backed storage and provisioned IOPS for transactional data, and data-at-rest encryption.


  • ColumnStore Data Warehouse

Analytical Storage

ColumnStore Data Warehouse stores columnar data on object storage through AWS S3 (Simple Storage Service). Object storage is not pre-allocated. It scales automatically with your needs.

Transactional Storage

By default, 100GB of transactional storage is provisioned at time of service launch.

MariaDB SkySQL features transparent data-at-rest encryption. This feature is not customer-configurable. Amazon EBS encryption is used for transactional storage.

Transactional Storage Type

On AWS, storage options include I/O intensive (io1) and general purpose (gp2).

Both options are SSD-backed.

With io1 storage, IOPS are configurable.

Provisioned IOPS

IOPS are I/O operations per second, a measure of storage performance.

When using the io1 storage type on AWS, the number of IOPS per GB of storage can be specified at time of service launch.

The maximum IOPS for a specific service will depend on the provisioned IOPS per GB of storage, the number of GB of storage per node, and the number of nodes; maximum IOPS = provisioned IOPS/GB * GB of storage/node * node count