Storage for Transactions services on GCP


Transactions services on GCP feature SSD-backed storage and data-at-rest encryption.


  • Enterprise Server Single Node

  • Enterprise Server With Replica(s)

  • Xpand Distributed SQL

Initial Capacity

Initial storage capacity is defined at time of service launch.

For information about how to choose a storage capacity with the SkySQL DBaaS API, see "Transactional Storage Size Selections with the SkySQL DBaaS API".


With auto-scaling of storage, storage expansion can be triggered automatically when a usage threshold is reached.

This feature can be enabled or disabled during service launch or after launch.

Manual Scaling

Storage capacity can be manually changed after launch using Self-Service Operations.

Data-at-Rest Encryption

MariaDB SkySQL features transparent data-at-rest encryption. This feature is not customer-configurable.

SkySQL on Google GCP benefits from Google's default encryption.

Storage Type

On GCP, Zonal SSD Persistent Disk is used.