• Distributed Transactions

  • Multi-Node Analytics

  • Replicated Transactions

  • Single Node Analytics

  • Single Node Transactions

Software Version

MariaDB SkySQL delivers MariaDB database products for a predictable development and operations experience.

Major and minor version upgrades are deployed to your service on a mutually-agreed schedule for a mutually-agreed target.

Contact SkySQL Support to request a Software Version upgrade.


MariaDB SkySQL services are provisioned based on various parameters, including topology, instance count, instance size, and storage size. A number of options are also available.

Contact SkySQL Support for guidance on upgrades to your service configuration.


MariaDB SkySQL includes a range of support options.

If your support requirements exceed your purchased level of support, we'll work with you to identify the necessary upgrades.

Contact SkySQL Support for guidance on upgrading your support.

Power Tier

Power Tier is a premium service offering for MariaDB SkySQL customers who have the most critical requirements for uptime, availability, performance, and support.

For additional information, see "Power Tier".