MariaDB SkySQL REST API Reference


The MariaDB SkySQL API is a REST API that can perform operations in MariaDB SkySQL using automation.

The supported requests are as follows:

Request Name


Add Allowed Address

Add an address to the service's allowlist

Create Configuration

Launch a new custom configuration for the current user

Create Service

Launch a new service for the current user

Delete Configuration

Delete the specified custom configuration and its associated data

Delete Service

Delete the specified service and its associated data

List Allowed Addresses

Retrieve a list of IP addresses which are currently on the allowlist for accessing the service and its monitoring system

List Configurations

Retrieve a list of custom configurations owned by the current user

List Services

Retrieve a list of services owned by the current user

Read Allowlist Status

View the status of any allowlist updates for the service

Read Configuration

Retrieve status and metadata for the specified custom configuration

Read Providers

Retrieve a list of available cloud providers in which to host the database

Read Quotas

Retrieve the list of quota limitations currently in force for the user, as well as their progress towards those quotas

Read Regions

Retrieve a list of available geographic regions into which a database cluster may be deployed

Read Service

Retrieve status and metadata for the specified service

Read Service Types

Retrieve a list of available database service types to choose from (e.g., Transactions, Analytics, …)

Read Sizes

Retrieve a list of available node sizes that may be used for the database cluster

Read Status

Retrieve the current running status of a service (e.g., Running, Paused, Pending, …)

Read Tiers

Retrieve a list of available tiers in which a service may be created

Read Topologies

Retrieve a list of valid topologies for a specified service_type which may be deployed

Read Versions

Retrieve a list of valid database versions which may be chosen for database deployment

Remove Allowed Address

Remove an address from the service's allowlist

Retrieve Api Version

Report the current API server version

Retrieve Default Credentials

Retrieve the default credentials for the service, intended to be replaced by the user via a MariaDB client

Update Configuration

Update an existing custom configuration (e.g., provision more IOPS, change node type)

Update Service

Update an existing service name. Valid names may only contain lowercase letters, digits and hyphens up to 24 characters in length.

Update Status

Alter the state of a service, (e.g., Start, Stop)