MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore


MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore is a columnar storage engine for MariaDB Enterprise Server, enabling cloud data warehousing and analytical (OLAP) workloads:

  • Enterprise ColumnStore stores data in horizontal and vertical partitions, which eliminates the need for indexing. Ad hoc query performance is optimized through columnar data storage, massively parallel processing (MPP), parallel query execution, and distributed function evaluation.

  • Backed by S3-compatible object storage, Enterprise ColumnStore can deliver highly available, low-cost, multi-regional, resilient, scalable, secure, and virtually limitless data storage.

  • High-speed bulk data loading to Enterprise ColumnStore bypasses the SQL layer and does not block concurrent read-only queries.

Enterprise ColumnStore can be deployed in single-node configurations for dev/test and multi-node configurations for production workloads. Multi-node configurations of Enterprise ColumnStore integrate CMAPI for node coordination, and MariaDB MaxScale for load balancing and failover.

MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore can be deployed in the cloud on MariaDB SkySQL or on-premises.

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MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore 22.08.8



MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore 6.4.8



MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore 5.6.5