dbForge Data Generator

dbforge_data_generator_for_mysql_97x97 dbForge Data Generator for MariaDB and MySQL is a powerful solution that helps create massive volumes of meaningful and realistic data. This tool performs various predefined data generators with customizable options.

Data Generator Key Features:

1. Extensive support for all column data types

Enjoy the advantage of various data types support


2. Multiple generators with unique test data

Enjoy multiple customization options with individual generators for every data type supported


3. MariaDB data generation and data integrity support

Generate consistent random data through multiple tables

Disable triggers and constraints to avoid interference with database logic

4. MariaDB data distribution modes

Fine-tune the way you want your data to be generated

5. Multiple ways to generate data in MySQL

Generate a data population script, execute it against a MariaDB database, save or edit it later

6. Basic generators

Populate tables with a great variety of values types, like JSON, Python, XML, etc.


7. Meaningful test data generators

Select any of 200+ real-world generators and populate tables with realistic data related to various spheres


8. User-defined generators

Create, save and use your own data generators tailored for your needs

9. Real-time data generation preview

Enjoy real-time visualization of the alterations you make

Visually assess the data to be generated

10. Command-line interface

Schedule your routine data generation tasks

Create a command-line execution file for running database documentation tasks

11. Broad compatibility options

MariaDB server versions 5.5-11.4

Various cloud services: Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, Google Cloud, Oracle MySQL Cloud, Alibaba Cloud

Security connections: Secure Socket Layer (SSL), Secure Shell (SSH), HTTP Tunneling, PAM Percona

Download a free 30-day trial of dbForge Data Generator here.


dbForge Data Generator 10.0Support for MariaDB 11.4, Added support for temporal tables in MariaDB
dbForge Data Generator 2.6Support for MariaDB 11.3
dbForge Data Generator 2.5Support for MariaDB 10.9, Support for MariaDB 10.10
dbForge Data Generator 2.4Connectivity support for MariaDB 10.5 is added
dbForge Data Generator 2.2Support for MariaDB 10.4
dbForge Data Generator 2.1Support for MariaDB 10.3
dbForge Data Generator 2.0Support for MariaDB 10.2, Support for MariaDB 10.1


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