dbForge Studio for MariaDB

dbForge-Studio-for-MySQL-new dbForge Studio for MariaDB is a universal IDE with GUI tools that has all the necessary built-in capabilities to work with MariaDB and MySQL databases for their development, management, and administration. It allows for creating, managing, and editing the data without the need to store them locally.

This powerful GUI tool offers a rich visual design that is perfect for working with large scripts, preparing data reports, and database projects. At any time, you can back up or restore your data, export or import them to and from the most commonly used formats, and compare or synchronize the MariaDB databases. Apart from that, dbForge Studio supports the following servers:

  • MariaDB,
  • SkySQL (the MariaDB cloud database),
  • All MySQL Server versions,
  • Percona servers and TokuDB,
  • MySQL and MariaDB on Amazon RDS and Amazon Aurora.
  • Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud, Galera Cluster,
  • Sphinx, etc.

Key Features:

1. Intelligent SQL Coding

  • Automatic code completion
  • MariaDB syntax highlighting
  • Code refactoring and formatting
  • CRUD generation


2. Database Compare and Sync

  • Data and schema synchronization and comparison
  • Recurring database sync tasks planning
  • Comparison report generation


3. Import/Export Data MariaDB

  • MariaDB data export to 14 commonly-used formats
  • Data import from 10 popular formats into MariaDB table
  • Rich customization ability
  • Command-line automation for data tasks


4. MariaDB Admin Tools

  • MariaDB databases backing up and restoring
  • User accounts and permissions configuration
  • Table maintenance
  • Database scripts generation


5. Copy Database

  • Source and Target servers’ selection
  • Database to be copied or dropped selection
  • Configuration of the database copying parameters
  • Progress of copying tracing and abortion of the copying

6. Database Designer

  • Schema diagrams generation
  • Visual database construction
  • Foreign key relations between tables


7. Data Generator

  • Data customization supported by multiple generators
  • All kinds of generators: basic, meaningful, and user-defined
  • Real-time preview of generated data
  • Command-line interface

8. Query Profiler

  • Visual query profiling
  • Profiling results comparison

9. Visual Query Builder

  • Automatic generation of the script template for queries
  • Easy navigation through the database objects
  • Support for different query types
  • Support for sequence tables

10. Table Designer

  • Table creation and editing in MariaDB with no code
  • Automatic data type setting for frequently-used column values
  • Errors prevention while working with tables
  • MariaDB script automatic generation according to the changes made by a user

11. Database Refactoring

  • Renaming database objects with preview
  • Refactoring script

12. Source Control

  • Version control of database schemas and static table data
  • Compatibility with all major version control systems
  • Dedicated and shared development models
  • Quick comparison of database versions
  • Examination and resolution of conflicts
  • History of changes

13. Database Projects

  • MariaDB version control system providing efficient database team development
  • Scripts folder for exporting a database project to a MariaDB script file

14. Report and Analysis

  • Pivot tables for summarizing and viewing the data
  • A powerful wizard with robust features
  • Full command-line support
  • 9 formats for reports' delivery


15. Database Documenter

  • A comprehensive overview of the database structure
  • Examine the internal dependencies between objects and databases
  • Customize the style and generate the docs in several formats

16. Support for MariaDB objects:

  • Packages
  • Sequences
  • Temporal tables

Nowadays, with the growing popularity of the MariaDB database, the demand for a convenient, multi-functional tool is increasing, too. This solution must meet users’ needs, be easy to work with and provide constant support. Fortunately, dbForge Studio for MariaDB and MySQL is such a solution. This database tool is one of the most appreciated worldwide and trusted by many people. Devart’s dbForge Studio has received a lot of awards that confirm its overwhelming popularity.

Download a free 30-day trial of dbForge Studio for MariaDB and MySQL here.



dbForge Studio for MySQL 10.0Support for MariaDB 11.4, added Source Control, support for temporal tables in MariaDB
dbForge Studio for MySQL 9.2Support for MariaDB 11.3, enhanced code completion for application-period temporal tables, support for sequence tables in MariaDB databases
dbForge Studio for MySQL 9.1Connectivity support for MariaDB 10.9 -10.10
dbForge Studio for MySQL 9.0Connectivity support for MariaDB 10.5-10.6
dbForge Studio for MySQL 8.1Support for MariaDB 10.4
dbForge Studio for MySQL 8.0Support for MariaDB 10.3
dbForge Studio for MySQL 7.3Support for MariaDB 10.2, Support for MariaDB 10.1, Support for MariaDB Galera Cluster 10.0 Series
dbForge Studio for MySQL 6.1MariaDB 10.0, MariaDB 5.5


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