dbForge Edge

dbForge Edge is a versatile software solution designed to meet the needs of full-stack database specialists. It offers a wide range of features to address database challenges across major providers: MySQL/MariaDB, SQL Server, Oracle, and PostgreSQL. When it comes to MySQL and MariaDB, dbForge Edge provides a highly functional IDE that covers almost all aspects of database development and management.

Key Features of dbForge Edge:


dbForge Edge includes a built-in Database Designer equipped with ER diagrams, allowing users to construct and edit databases. An intuitive interface facilitates the creation of database structures and generation of reusable SQL scripts for creating actual databases. Table Designer is a separate feature for visual creation and management of tables that covers the setup of columns, data types, constraints, etc.

SQL Development

dbForge Edge offers a powerful set of features to simplify SQL coding tasks. The code assistance module offers context-based keyword and object suggestions, code completion, instant syntax validation, customizable code formatting profiles, debugging, and code refactoring capabilities. Another feature worth mentioning is Query Builder – a tool that allows users to construct even the most complex SQL queries effortlessly in a visual mode.

Database Management

The solution incorporates schema and data comparison tools, enabling users to identify and manage differences in database schemas and table data. With automatically generated synchronization scripts, changes can be seamlessly deployed to target platforms. Comparison and synchronization jobs can also be automated, improving user efficiency.

dbForge Edge supports data migration (import and export) in over 10 major data formats. Both the import and export processes can be tailored to meet any specific requirements and automated for efficient workflows.

Also, dbForge Edge delivers Source Control, an integrated tool that enables version control of database schemas and static data, available for MariaDB, MySQL, and SQL Server databases. With its help, users can compare database versions, commit and revert changes with dependency awareness, view and resolve conflicts, and examine the history of changes. Source Control supports all popular version control systems, such as Git (including GitHub, GitLab, Azure DevOps, and Bitbucket), Apache Subversion (SVN), TFVC, Mercurial (Hg), Perforce (P4), and SourceGear Vault.


The solution features a robust Data Generator capable of producing high-quality test data in varying volumes and formats. Additionally, the Query Profiler tool enables comprehensive analysis and optimization of queries, thereby saving valuable time and resources.

Security Management

The dedicated module deals with user management configurations. The functionality provided by the software allows easy creation, editing, and management of user accounts and privileges.

Documenting and Reporting

With dbForge Edge, users can create detailed database documentation in various formats and with convenient navigation. The reporting module enables the summarization and analysis of data, presenting comprehensive reports with informative graphs, diagrams, and pivot tables.

dbForge Edge is not just a comprehensive IDE for MySQL and MariaDB – it goes far beyond that. It serves as an all-in-one solution for database experts who work with multiple database management systems, eliminating the need to assemble toolsets for each. With its extensive feature set, dbForge Edge empowers professionals to efficiently perform their tasks across diverse database environments.

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