dbForge Data Compare

Compare & synchronize data between databases.

dbForge Data Compare serves for data comparison and synchronization in MariaDB, MySQL, Percona databases. It gives clear view of differences between data, allows analyzing them, generates synchronization script, and applies changes at a glance. It also allows scheduling regular data comparisons using command line interface.

Key features:

1. Data Comparison Setup

  • Fine-tuning of comparison in Data Comparison Wizard
  • Custom comparison keys support
  • Various options for automatic mapping
  • Ability to exclude some record types during comparison
  • Comparison of user custom queries

2. Supported Database Objects

  • Tables
  • Views
  • BLOB data
  • Database comparison and synchronization on different server versions

3. Comparison Results Analysis

  • Grouping of records by type (different, equal, etc)
  • Change of synchronization direction in one click
  • Filtering of comparison results
  • Editing of values of default comparison options
  • Table lookup by name

4. Data Comparison Results Export

  • Generation of data comparison report in Excel and HTML formats
  • Including of actual data into report
  • Reporting on selected objects only
  • Easy working with differences with Hide Unmodified Columns, Find, Visible Columns, and navigation buttons

5. Synchronization Features

  • Creation of accurate synchronization scripts
  • Warnings on possible problems prior to synchronization
  • Asynchronous data synchronization

6. Tasks Automation

  • Automation of routine data comparison and synchronization tasks using command line interface

7. SQL Execution and Data Management

  • New SQL document view layout to show query text and retrieved data at the same time
  • Execution of SQL scripts and queries
  • Data editor with in-place filtering, grouping, and sorting options
  • Paginal data access for large result sets
  • Graphical card view for data editor
  • Large objects (LOB) editor
  • Text search in data editor
  • Data printing
  • Ability to postpone sending of data updates to the server (Cached updates mode)
  • Code completion
  • SQL code formatter
  • Code formatting through the command line
  • Query execution pane

8. Clear User Interface

  • Wide variety of UI skins
  • Customizable window layout
  • Tool windows with 'auto-hide' and 'float' modes
  • Multiple shortcut schemes with full shortcut customization
  • Tabbed groups for documents
  • Toolbars customization

Learn more about dbForge Data Compare at the product page


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