dbForge Query Builder for MySQL & MariaDB

dbforge_query_builder_for_mysqldbForge Query Builder is a powerful visual tool that helps create any sort of MariaDB queries. Building a code has never been so easy – the query can be drawn on a diagram.

dbForge Query Builder Key features:

1. Exporting Data

Export your data to 14 popular formats

Export data from several tables simultaneously

Create templates for repeated operations


2. Database Explorer

Work with multiple database connections

Easy MariaDB query management with drag&drop functionality

Quick script generation


3. Visual Drag and Drop Query Builder

Enjoy zooming and keyboard support in a sophisticated diagram

Preview and print diagrams

Add and edit sub-queries visually

MariaDB JOINs generator


4. SQL Editing and Execution

Check the syntax automatically

Get quick information about schema objects

Customize formatting profiles

Execute scripts, statements and MariaDB fragments seamlessly


5. Query Profiler

Compare the results of the query visually

Review and evaluate a query plan shown in the tree view

Get the detailed query information


6. Data Editor

Enjoy advanced data filters

Browse and edit large objects in Data Viewer and Editor windows

Fetch asynchronous data


7. Data Reports

Data Report wizard supports building Data Reports and customizing them with a rich set of controls.


8. Master-Detail Browser

Allows users to view and analyze the data of several related database objects in a master-detail structured document. Edit data, build relationships, filter data based on specific criteria, sort data, etc. in the Design and Data views.


9. Pivot Tables

Let the user manipulate the data visually, including sorting, grouping, or filtering fields, building charts, and calculating totals.


Download a free 30-day trial of dbForge Query Builder for MariaDB and MySQL here.


dbForge Query Builder 10.0MariaDB 11.4, Implemented support for the JSON_TABLE() table function in MariaDB
dbForge Query Builder 5.2MariaDB 11.3
dbForge Query Builder 5.1MariaDB 10.9, MariaDB 10.10
dbForge Query Builder 4.5MariaDB 10.5
dbForge Query Builder 4.4MariaDB 10.4
dbForge Query Builder 4.3MariaDB 10.3
dbForge Query Builder 4.2MariaDB 10.2, MariaDB 10.1
dbForge Query Builder 3.1MariaDB 10.0, MariaDB 5.5


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