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dbforge_documenter_for_mysql_1 dbForge Documenter is a handy MariaDB documentation tool that creates a comprehensive technical documentation for MariaDB databases as well as MySQL databases. Reports are searchable and available in HTML, PDF, and MARKDOWN file formats. A number of options and settings included in this tool allow users to flexibly customize the generated documentation according to their particular needs.

Among the key features users can find the following ones:

  • The full picture of database structure
    dbForge Documenter extracts an extensive database info about a wide range of MariaDB objects, including their details, properties, SQL script, and inter-object dependencies.
  • Сustomization fully adapted for users’ needs
    Documenter supports a selection of individual database objects and their properties that will be documented. The tool also contains a rich set of style templates and themes for fine-tuning of the document layout.
  • Support for various file formats
    dbForge Documenter can create searchable database documentation in the HTML, PDF, and MARKDOWN file formats.
  • Object annotations
    The description of specific database objects is read out from the COMMENT property of the self-described objects to which this property is attributed.
  • Seamless navigation through generated file
    Documenter allows users to easily search for different database objects across the documentation. For users’ convenience, the tool highlights all items matching the text a user is looking for. Also, Documenter offers the ability to navigate throughout the documentation via the built-in breadcrumbs.
  • Auto-generated database documentation
    Documenter for MySQL and MariaDB allows setting up automatic database documenting with the help of the command line interface. In addition, the tool includes the option to create a command line execution file to run routine database documentation tasks in a single click.

Learn more about dbForge Documenter at the product page


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