MariaDB 5.1.38 Changelog

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Release date: 29 Oct 2009

MariaDB-5.1.38-beta is based on MySQL-5.1.38, but has these additional changes and bug fixes:

  • mysql-test-run now has options --stop-file and --stop-keep-alive (also accessible with environment variables MTR_STOP_FILE and MTR_STOP_KEEP_ALIVE). With these, it is possible to pause a running test temporarily and let it continue later. See mysql-test-run.
  • Improvements to Gcov support in testing.
  • New column TIME_MS in SHOW FULL PROCESSLIST and INFORMATION_SCHEMA.PROCESSLIST, similar to the old TIME column, but with microsecond resolution. Also fixes old TIME column to not be influenced by @TIMESTAMP. Patch by Percona.
  • Optimizer improvement: Table elimination (MWL#17). See Table Elimination.
  • Enhancements to slow log. Includes details of execution plan and microsecond-precision resolution. Based on microslow patch by Percona. See Slow Query Log Extended Statistics.
  • PBXT storage engine. PBXT is developed by PrimeBase Technologies.
  • XtraDB storage engine version 6 as a replacement for the MySQL built-in InnoDB. XtraDB is based on the Oracle/Innobase InnoDB plugin version 1.0.3, with enhancements. XtraDB is developed by Percona.
  • Performance improvements for common cases of character set conversion. See Character Sets and Collations for a list of the character sets and collations included with MariaDB.
  • Pool-of-threads, allowing to map a high number of simultaneous connections onto a lower number of operating system treads, to reduce overhead with using large number of threads.
  • New handler call prepare_index_scan() and other small improvements to the internal storage engine handler API.
  • ./configure now outputs a summary section at the end of the output. (By C.J. Adams-Collier).
  • NDB storage engine disabled in MariaDB builds. (NDB is not supported in MariaDB).
  • Added --abort-source-on-error to the mysql client.
  • Debugging code to check for taking mutexes in the wrong order, which enables to catch potential deadlocks in the server code.
  • Maria storage engine. The Maria storage engine is an enhanment over the MyISAM storage engine which provides journaling and crash recovery.
  • Added new startup option and test commands to mysqltest.

Bug Fixes

  • mysqlslap: setting --engine does not get replicated (MySQL Bug #46967).
  • mysqlslap: specifying --engine and --create does not work with --engine=<storage_engine>:<option> (Bug #429773).
  • rpl_do_grant fails on PB-2 with a failing connect (MySQL Bug #47016).
  • Windows: mysql-test-run --log-error fixed to not add --console. See mysql-test-run.
  • The myisam_crash_before_flush_keys test fails on Windows (MySQL Bug #47455).
  • rpl.rpl_get_master_version_and_clock fails on hpux11.31 (MySQL Bug #46931)
  • safe_process: FATAL ERROR, Unknown option: --nocore (MySQL Bug #46212).
  • XtraDB crashes on startup on windows (Bug #417751)
  • Eliminate compiler warnings.
  • Fix parsing of enum-valued options for plugins (Bug #423035)
  • Solaris build fixes.
  • query_cache_debug.test fails (MySQL Bug #45632).
  • enum-style command-line options are not honoured (maria.maria-recover fails) (MySQL Bug #41010)
  • mysql-test-run sometimes terminated mysqld early, causing loss of memory leak error reports from Valgrind and GCov test coverage output (MySQL Bug #43418).
  • Several Valgrind reported bugs in the source code fixed.
  • Save SAFE_MUTEX configure #define in config.h, to facilitate correct build options for plugins.
  • test maria.maria fails if server built without '--with-partition' (Bug #330611).


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