MariaDB 5.1.41 Changelog

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Release date: 13 Jan 2010

See the MariaDB 5.1.41 Release Notes for the highlights of this release.

MariaDB-5.1.41 RC is based on MySQL-5.1.41, and in addition to the changes listed in the 5.1.39 and 5.1.38 changelogs it includes these additional changes and bug fixes:

  • Includes MySQL 5.1.41
  • Includes XtraDB 1.0.4-8
  • Includes PBXT 1.0.09f RC3
  • Includes FederatedX
  • Fixed typos of --engine help text.
  • Added page fault counters for SHOW PROFILE on Windows.
  • Fixed bug where one connection didn't see newly committed data from another connection.
  • Safety change to ensure read/black trees (used with heap tables) works on 64 bit setups where ulong <> size_t
  • Don't retry test cases by default
  • Fixed bug where we could (under unlikely error conditions) access not initialized variable
  • Added error handling for my_seek() & my_tell() failures
  • Fixed Bug #485443 --with-fast-mutexes and without safe mutexes (debug build) maria do not builds
  • Added 'mariadb_SERVER' as extra config group for MariaDB embedded server
  • Apply the strict aliasing patch from
  • Remove compiler warnings (Including some warnings from -Wstrict-aliasing)
  • Don't use static link by default (in compile-pentium) as some new systems don't have all static libraries available
  • Change type for functions in plugin.h:str_mysql_ftparser_param() to const unsigned char and string lengths to size_t.
    • One effect of the above change is that one needs to include mysql_global.h or define size_t before including plugin.h
    • This fixes a case where mysql_client_test failed with newer gcc that enables strict-aliasing by default
  • Added protection around usage of thd->mysys_var (May be changed to 0 by scheduler)
  • Fix for MySQL Bug #48357 SHOW BINLOG EVENTS: Wrong offset or I/O error
  • Removed some not needed casts
  • Change plugin.h to be 'binary compatible' with old versions
  • Added mysql_ft_size_t typedef to plugin.h to make it trivial to change string lengths to size_t on next ABI change
  • Protect stack->keywords with THR_LOCK_dbug
    • This solves a core dump in MariaDB when one sets the GLOBAL.DEBUG variable in mysql-test-run when other threads are checking the keyword list
  • Fixed MySQL Bug #49474 Replication from 4.0 to 5.1 broken
  • Changed -1 row number in some warnings to 0 (-1 doesn't make sense as a row number and when doing insert / load data, first row is 1, so 0 is free to use)
  • Fixed MySQL Bug #47017 rpl_timezone fails on PB-2 with mismatch error
  • Fixed coredump in on mysqld start with PBXT
  • Ensure that mysql_get_server_version() also works if there is a non numerical prefix before the version number
  • Applied patch from Alexander Barkov to fix some problems with Croatian character set and LIKE queries
  • Fix for PBXT running inside embedded server (Bug #439889). Also some small fixes to make the PBXT testsuite work in --embedded.
  • Add DB_TYPE_AUTOASSIGN as a better name for DB_TYPE_UNKNOWN, which is what plugins should generally use.
  • Fixed bug in my_uuid() that caused failures on hpux and ia64
  • Fixed bug in tc.log recovery code that caused crash_commit_before to sometimes crash.
  • OpenSolaris 5.11-x86 now compiles (tested with 32 bit)
  • Add BUILD/compile-bintar, which builds MariaDB with correct options for a binary tarball release.
  • Various test suite fixes and improvements.


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