MariaDB 5.1.44 Changelog

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Release date: 24 Mar 2010

See the MariaDB 5.1.44 Release Notes for the highlights of this release.

MariaDB 5.1.44 is based on MySQL 5.1.44 and includes all changes made since MySQL 5.1.42, including MySQL 5.1.43. In addition to the changes listed in previous changelogs it includes the following changes and bug fixes:

  • fixed a reported performance problem with MariaDB internal temporary tables
  • don't crash on failing to load a plugin with newer MYSQL_PLUGIN_INTERFACE_VERSION
  • don't copy st_mysql_plugin structure unnecessary (sizeof hasn't changed)
  • Fix myisam checksum patch to check for HA_OPTION_CHECKSUM after it was set, not before
  • Fix for Bug #534626 MyISAM table created in MariaDB not readable by MySQL
  • Fix for: MySQL Bug #44987 DELETE IGNORE and FK constraint. Now DELETE IGNORE skips over rows with a foreign key constraints (as it was supposed to do)
  • Fix some compiler warnings seen in Buildbot. Add some extra error output and code cleanup in an attempt to fix/debug a rare random testsuite problem in check_warnings, where the exit code from mysqltest is somehow corrupted inside
  • Fixes for two test failures in Buildbot.
    1. Adjust timing in test case, to avoid test failures caused by high load on machines and consequent race conditions in the test case.
    2. Add another variant of Valgrind suppressions for memory leak in system libraries when unloading dynamic object files.
  • Added count of my_sync calls (to SHOW STATUS)
  • tmp_table_size can now be set to 0 (to disable in memory internal temp tables)
  • Improved speed for internal Maria temp tables:
    • Don't use packed keys, except with long text fields.
    • Don't copy key all accessed pages during key search.
  • Some new benchmark tests to sql-bench (for group by)
  • do not take LOCK_plugin for built-in plugins
  • Fixed Bug #524025: Running RQG outer_join test leads to crash. Save no-records constant tables in JOIN::const_table_map before we invoke eliminate_tables(). Failure to do so caused crash when the same table was marked as constant two times
  • fix for a possible DoS in the my_net_skip_rest()
  • Fixed Bug #524679: make test ORDER BY date_ord ASC. (Problem was missing time_zone setting)
  • Fixed Bug #523593: Running RQG optimizer_no_subquery crashes MariaDB. When analying multiple equalities, take into account that they may not have a single table field that belongs to one of the tables that we're trying to eliminate (and they are not useful for table elimination in that case)
  • Increased loop counts of sql-bench tests to get run times around 5 minutes on current machines. Tested on a Xeon machine and a new dual core laptop.
  • Fix for Bug #516148: Test maria.maria3 fails when --without-maria-tmp-tables is set
  • Fix for Bug #520243: useability bug of thread pool configuration. Now mysqld --help --verbose shows the value for thread-handling Fixed also that mysqld --one-thread works as expected.
  • Added option --temporary-tables to test speed of temporary tables
  • When one does a drop table, the indexes are not flushed to disk before drop anymore (with MyISAM/Maria).
  • myisam-recover options changed from OFF to 'DEFAULT' to get less chance of data loss when using MyISAM. (The disadvantage is that changed MyISAM tables will be checked at access time; Use --myisam-recover=OFF for old behavior)
  • Don't call extra (HA_EXTRA_FORCE_REOPEN) in ALTER TABLE if table is locked as this will mark table as crashed!
  • Added assert to detect if we accidentally would use MyISAM versioning in MySQL
  • Added --connect-command="sql-string" to sql-bench test suite. This allows one to send an extra command to the mysql server to setup the environment before starting tests.
  • now we force at least libevent-1.4
  • hide nm warnings in configure
  • Support building with system libevent


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