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Release date: 09 Aug 2010

For the highlights of this release, see the release notes.

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  • Revision #2895 Ensure that xtradb & InnoDB plugin compiles if valgrind is installed but not valgrind debug libraries
  • Revision #2894 This patch fixes Bug #613408 Memory corruption with (M)aria storage engine and virtual columns in MariaDB 5.2 Fixed compiler warnings Disabled some tests that doesn't work on windows (uses shell tools or strange characters)
  • Revision #2893 Fix build failure on windows
  • Revision #2892 Fix for Bug #614265 Crash in _ma_unpin_all_pages / _ma_search on DELETE with Aria search engine Fixed compiler warnings
  • Revision #2891 Fixed wrong AC_INIT
  • Revision #2890 Fixed timing issue in test suite
  • Revision #2889 [merge] Merge of 5.1-release
  • Revision #2888
    • Fix for Bug #602604: RQG: ma_blockrec.c:6187: _ma_apply_redo_insert_row_head_or_tail: Assertion `0' failed on Maria engine recovery
    • More DBUG_PRINT (to simplify future debugging)
    • Aria: Added STATE_IN_REPAIR, which is set on start of repair. This allows us to see if 'crashed' flag was set intentionally.
    • Aria: Some trivial speedup optimization
    • Aria: Better warning if table was marked crashed by unfinnished repair
  • Revision #2887 force the generation of file
  • Revision #2886 restore the unintentinally broken ABI
  • Revision #2885 Fixed wrong error message from federatedx (which could lead to assert in DBUG code)
  • Revision #2884 mysql client: Ignore --comments at start of command line. This allows one to more easily run mysqltest tests trough the command line. Fixed bug: Bug #603026 RQG: pagecache_read: Assertion `pageno < ((1ULL) << 40)' on OPTIMIZE TABLE of a Maria table
  • Revision #2883 Add 64 bit packages to the pack script. 32 bit is still the default
  • Revision #2882 Fix Bug #600744
  • Revision #2881 bug Bug #578117 - Wrong usage of mutex LOCK_sync and LOCK_active in XA redone locking in TC_LOG_MMAP::log_xid
  • Revision #2880 Remove the file libmysqld.exp from the installer
  • Revision #2879 Hardcode the build path for the installer temporarily
  • Revision #2878 Fix cpack run
  • Revision #2877 Install MariaDB as a service with the installer
  • Revision #2876 Install MTR and SQL-bench with CPack and NSIS
  • Revision #2875 Install the files for the embedded server
  • Revision #2874 Install the storage engine plugins
  • Revision #2873 Fix a loop and install more script files. Renames the perlscripts component to scripts, since it now also has sql scripts.
  • Revision #2872 Fix installing the localized error messages with cpack
  • Revision #2871 Implement an NSIS based installer
  • Revision #2870 Fixed trival bug introduced in last patch (buffer was not extended)
  • Revision #2869 Fixes for Opensolaris (to get buildbot green)
    • Fixed memory leaks in mysqldump
    • Fixed printf of NULL which caused crashes on OpenSolaris when using --debug
    • Fixed realloc() problem that caused out of memory when running mysqldump.test on OpenSolaris
  • Revision #2868 Fixed compiler warnings
  • Revision #2867 Don't flush pinned pages in checkpoint (fix for my last push)
  • Revision #2866 [merge] merged
    • Revision #2864.1.3 mysqltest: use setenv, not putenv, to make gcov happy. (backport from MySQL)
    • Revision #2864.1.2 Remove a warning on Windows. There is no CMakeLists.txt in the unittest examples dir
    • Revision #2864.1.1 Fixed some bugs in the Maria storage engine
      • Changed default recovery mode from OFF to NORMAL to get automatic repair of not properly closed tables.
      • Fixed a rase condition when two threads calls external_lock and thr_lock() in different order. When this happend the transaction that called external lock first and thr_lock() last did not see see the rows from the other transaction, even if if it had to wait in thr_lock() for other to complete.
      • Fixed that one can run maria_chk on an automatcally recovered tables without warnings about too small transaction id
      • Don't give warning that crashed table could not be repaired if repair was disabled (and thus not run)
      • Fixed a error result from flush_key_cache() which caused a DBUG_ASSERT() when one was using concurrent reads on non transactional tables that was updated.
  • Revision #2865 mtr: when applying @opt_extra_mysqld_opt for --help, filter out --binlog-format - it makes mysqld to fail without --log-bin, and we don't need either anyway for --help to work.
  • Revision #2864 ugly-ugly. $with_plugin_innobase was hard-coded in in
  • Revision #2863 fixed for mysql-test-run to
    • fully support --mysqld=--plugin-load=xxxx
    • uniformly support all loadable plugins, no need to hard-code every new plugin in mtr
    • autodetect MTR_VS_CONFIG on windows
  • Revision #2862 allow federated and innodb_plugin to be built
  • Revision #2861 fix questionable UNIV_EXPECT's in the xtradb that confused old gcc.
  • Revision #2860 [merge] Automerge MariaDB 5.1.47 release into main.


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