MariaDB 5.1.42 Changelog

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Release date: 01 Feb 2010

See the MariaDB 5.1.42 Release Notes for the highlights of this release.

MariaDB-5.1.42 is based on MySQL-5.1.42, and in addition to the changes listed in previous changelogs it includes the following changes and bug fixes:

  • Includes MySQL 5.1.42
  • Includes XtraDB 1.0.6-9
  • Includes PBXT 1.0.09f RC3
  • Includes FederatedX
  • Added page fault counters for SHOW PROFILE on Windows.
  • Fixed bug where one connection didn't see newly committed data from another connection.
  • Fix multiple test suite failures in Buildbot due to races in the test cases or missing server features not properly checked.
  • Make test case deterministic by replacing sleep with include/
  • Move test from main.trigger to main.trigger_notembedded, as it now depends on INFORMATION_SCHEMA.PROCESSLIST (rather than sleeps) to synchronise.
  • Fixed bug where mysqlbinlog hold up multiple connections to MySQL when using mysqlbinlog -R file1 file2 ...
  • Merged patch from Percona to get proper fix for compilation issue of srv0srv.c on Solaris
  • Fixed compile errors on windows.
  • Fixed that we use same flags when testing for assembler as by makefiles.
  • Fixed bug in locking by triggers found by test case when compiling without query cache.
  • Fixed xtradb/handler/ to call explain_filename()
  • Removed not needed test file (that caused embedded server to fail).
  • Fix for XtraDB 9: missing DBUG_RETURN.
  • Fix crashes by taking kernel mutex when calling srv_table_reserve_slot() during thread startup.
  • Apply to XtraDB MySQL/build-in innodb patches for MySQL Bug #49032 and MySQL Bug #47720.
  • Fix freed-twice error in XtraDB (from InnoDB plugin 1.0.6).
  • Fixed race condition when innobase_shutdown_for_mysql() was called before parser was initialized (as it's initialized on first usage).
  • Fixes for some randomly occuring test failures in Buildbot.
  • Fix for Bug #509795: Result of reverse_lookup("localhost") is system dependent. Therefore we disable the result of it.
  • [SECURITY] yaSSL cert info buffer overflow fix. Fixes CVE-2009-4484.
  • Fix Windows test failures in binlog tests in certain time zones. Thanks to Alex Budovski for helping with this.
  • Fixed some compiler warnings and errors in test suite and compiler warnings from OpenSolaris build.
  • Add support in bintar build script for OpenSolaris.
  • When compiling with debug, don't clear buffer in 'net_clear()' - This allows us to easier find bugs in the protocol and also get repeatable test failures in test cases where someone forgot to do --reap
  • Changed version number from RC to stable
  • Fixed bug in Yassle to get correct error messages in case of errors
  • Provide better error messages in case of SSL connect failure
  • Updated out-of-date SSL certificates to fix failing mysql-test-system (certificates now active for 10 years)
  • Fixed bug in query_cache that could cause asserts and hangs in DEBUG builds.
  • Fixed bug where one connection did not see changes done by another connection.
  • Fix for MySQL Bug #31173: mysqlslap.exe crashes if called without any parameters
  • Fix Windows build of embedded server (forgotten dependency).


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