MariaDB 5.1.39 Changelog

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Release date: 15 Nov 2009

Generally: MariaDB-5.1.39 Beta is based on MySQL-5.1.39, but has these additional changes and bug fixes.

  • Includes MySQL 5.1.39 (check MySQL release notes for details of changes since MySQL 5.1.38)
  • Includes XtraDB 1.0.3-8 (check XtraDB release notes for details of changes since XtraDB 1.0.3-6)
  • RPMs for Centos 5 now available.
  • Includes FederatedX as replacement for old Federated storage engine.
  • Test suite speedups.
  • Binary tarballs now build on Ubuntu Hardy, so now depends on glibc 2.7 rather than 2.9 and so should work on more systems.
  • Some (still not all) compiler warnings eliminated.
  • Bug #443014 Too many 'skipped' messages in mysql-test-run


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