MariaDB Galera 5.5.32 Release Notes

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Release date: 30 Aug 2013

MariaDB Galera 5.5.32 is a Stable (GA) release. It is a merge of MariaDB 5.5.32 and Galera Cluster with additional bug fixes.

Various articles about MariaDB Galera Cluster, including known limitations and how to get started are available in the Galera section of the Knowledgebase.

For a list of changes made in MariaDB Galera 5.5.32, with links to detailed information on each push, see the MariaDB Galera 5.5.32 Changelog.

Includes MariaDB 5.5.32 and Galera Cluster

MariaDB Galera 5.5.32 includes MariaDB 5.5.32 and Galera Cluster. See the MariaDB 5.5.32 Release Notes and Changelog for more information on the changes in MariaDB 5.5.32.

Includes Galera wsrep provider version 23.2.6

The Galera library on Ubuntu/Debian, and x86_64 versions of Red Hat 6, CentOS 6, and Fedora has been updated to version 23.2.6.

Packaging Fixes

This version includes several packaging fixes including a fix for MDEV-4229 regarding binaries for Debian Wheezy.

One packaging fix that still exists is one that prevents the installation of the wsrep package on Fedora systems (MDEV-4141). It is hoped this issue will be fixed soon. When it is this paragraph will be updated. For now, Fedora packages are in the repository, but the galera package must be installed manually, and may not work even then.

Other fixes

  • MDEV-4953 Delete on a partioned table is not replicated
  • LOAD DATA INFILE now supports big data files by introducing transaction splitting, which is controlled via the wsrep_load_data_splitting global variable

Thanks, and enjoy MariaDB Galera Cluster!

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