Performance Schema events_waits_summary_by_instance Table

The Performance Schema events_waits_summary_by_instance table contains wait events summarized by instance. It contains the following columns:

EVENT_NAMEEvent name. Used together with OBJECT_INSTANCE_BEGIN for grouping events.
OBJECT_INSTANCE_BEGINIf an instrument creates multiple instances, each instance has a unique OBJECT_INSTANCE_BEGIN value to allow for grouping by instance.
COUNT_STARNumber of summarized events
SUM_TIMER_WAITTotal wait time of the summarized events that are timed.
MIN_TIMER_WAITMinimum wait time of the summarized events that are timed.
AVG_TIMER_WAITAverage wait time of the summarized events that are timed.
MAX_TIMER_WAITMaximum wait time of the summarized events that are timed.

The *_TIMER_WAIT columns only calculate results for timed events, as non-timed events have a NULL wait time.


SELECT * FROM events_waits_summary_by_instance\G
*************************** 202. row ***************************
           EVENT_NAME: wait/io/file/sql/binlog
OBJECT_INSTANCE_BEGIN: 140578961969856
           COUNT_STAR: 6
       SUM_TIMER_WAIT: 90478331960
       MIN_TIMER_WAIT: 263344
       AVG_TIMER_WAIT: 15079721848
       MAX_TIMER_WAIT: 67760576376
*************************** 203. row ***************************
           EVENT_NAME: wait/io/file/sql/dbopt
OBJECT_INSTANCE_BEGIN: 140578961970560
           COUNT_STAR: 6
       SUM_TIMER_WAIT: 39891428472
       MIN_TIMER_WAIT: 387168
       AVG_TIMER_WAIT: 6648571412
       MAX_TIMER_WAIT: 24503293304
*************************** 204. row ***************************
           EVENT_NAME: wait/io/file/sql/dbopt
OBJECT_INSTANCE_BEGIN: 140578961971264
           COUNT_STAR: 6
       SUM_TIMER_WAIT: 39902495024
       MIN_TIMER_WAIT: 177888
       AVG_TIMER_WAIT: 6650415692
       MAX_TIMER_WAIT: 21026400404


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