Performance Schema replication_connection_configuration Table

MariaDB starting with 10.5.2

The replication_connection_configuration table was added in MariaDB 10.6.0.

The Performance Schema replication_connection_configuration table displays replica's configuration settings used for connecting to the primary.

It contains the following fields.

CHANNEL_NAMEvarchar(256)NOThe replication channel used.
HOSTchar(60)NOThe host name of the source that the replica is connected to.
PORTint(11)NOThe port used to connect to the source.
USERchar(32)NOThe user name of the replication user account used to connect to the source.
USING_GTIDenum('NO', 'CURRENT_POS', 'SLAVE_POS')NOWhether replication is using GTIDs or not.
SSL_ALLOWEDenum('YES', 'NO', 'IGNORED')NOWhether SSL is allowed for the replica connection.
SSL_CA_FILEvarchar(512)NOPath to the file that contains one or more certificates for trusted Certificate Authorities (CA) to use for TLS.
SSL_CA_PATHvarchar(512)NOPath to a directory that contains one or more PEM files that contain X509 certificates for a trusted Certificate Authority (CA) to use for TLS.
SSL_CERTIFICATEvarchar(512)NOPath to the certificate used to authenticate the master.
SSL_CIPHERvarchar(512)NOWhich cipher is used for encription.
SSL_KEYvarchar(512)NOPath to the private key used for TLS.
SSL_VERIFY_SERVER_CERTIFICATEenum('YES','NO')NOWhether the server certificate is verified as part of the SSL connection.
SSL_CRL_FILEvarchar(255)NOPath to the PEM file containing one or more revoked X.509 certificates.
SSL_CRL_PATHvarchar(255)NOPATH to a folder containing PEM files containing one or more revoked X.509 certificates.
CONNECTION_RETRY_INTERVALint(11)NOThe number of seconds between connect retries.
CONNECTION_RETRY_COUNTbigint(20) unsignedNOThe number of times the replica can attempt to reconnect to the source in the event of a lost connection.
HEARTBEAT_INTERVALdouble(10,3) unsignedNONumber of seconds after which a heartbeat will be sent.
IGNORE_SERVER_IDSlongtextNOBinary log events from servers (ids) to ignore.
REPL_DO_DOMAIN_IDSlongtextNOOnly apply binary logs from these domain ids.
REPL_IGNORE_DOMAIN_IDSlongtextNOBinary log events from domains to ignore.


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