Performance Schema setup_timers Table


The setup_timers table shows the currently selected event timers.

It contains the following columns:

NAMEType of instrument the timer is used for.
TIMER_NAMETimer applying to the instrument type. Can be modified.

The TIMER_NAME value can be changed to choose a different timer, and can be any non-NULL value in the performance_timers.TIMER_NAME column.

If you modify the table, monitoring is immediately affected, and currently monitored events would use a combination of old and new timers, which is probably undesirable. It is best to reset the Performance Schema statistics if you make changes to this table.


SELECT * FROM setup_timers;
| NAME      | TIMER_NAME  |
| idle      | MICROSECOND |
| wait      | CYCLE       |
| stage     | NANOSECOND  |
| statement | NANOSECOND  |


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