Performance Schema setup_objects Table


The setup_objects table determines whether objects are monitored by the performance schema or not. By default limited to 100 rows, this can be changed by setting the performance_schema_setup_objects_size system variable when the server starts.

It contains the following columns:

OBJECT_TYPEType of object to instrument, currently only . Currently, only TABLE', for base table.
OBJECT_SCHEMASchema containing the object, either the literal or % for any schema.
OBJECT_NAMEName of the instrumented object, either the literal or % for any object.
ENABLEDWhether the object's events are instrumented or not. Can be disabled, in which case monitoring is not enabled for those objects.
TIMEDWhether the object's events are timed or not. Can be modified.

When the Performance Schema looks for matches in the setup_objects, there may be more than one row matching, with different ENABLED and TIMED values. It looks for the most specific matches first, that is, it will first look for the specific database and table name combination, then the specific database, only then falling back to a wildcard for both.

Rows can be added or removed from the table, while for existing rows, only the TIMED and ENABLED columns can be updated. By default, all tables except those in the performance_schema, information_schema and mysql databases are instrumented.


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