Performance Schema replication_applier_status Table

MariaDB starting with 10.5.2

The replication_applier_status table, along with many other new Performance Schema tables, was added in MariaDB 10.5.2.

The Performance Schema replication_applier_status table contains information about the general transaction execution status on the replica.

It contains the following fields.

CHANNEL_NAMEchar(64)NOThe replication channel name.
SERVICE_STATEenum('ON','OFF')NOShows ON when the replication channel's applier threads are active or idle, OFF means that the applier threads are not active.
REMAINING_DELAYint(10) unsignedYESSeconds the replica needs to wait to reach the desired delay from master.
COUNT_TRANSACTIONS_RETRIESbigint(20) unsignedNOThe number of retries that were made because the replication SQL thread failed to apply a transaction.


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