Performance Schema events_transactions_current Table

MariaDB starting with 10.5.2

The events_transactions_current table was introduced in MariaDB 10.5.2.

The events_transactions_current table contains current transaction events for each thread.

The table size cannot be figured, and always stores one row for each thread, showing the current status of the thread's most recent monitored transaction event.

The table contains the following columns:

THREAD_IDbigint(20) unsignedThe thread associated with the event.
EVENT_IDbigint(20) unsignedThe event id associated with the event.
END_EVENT_IDbigint(20) unsignedThis column is set to NULL when the event starts and updated to the thread current event number when the event ends.
EVENT_NAMEvarchar(128)The name of the instrument from which the event was collected. This is a NAME value from the setup_instruments table.
STATEenum('ACTIVE', 'COMMITTED', 'ROLLED BACK')The current transaction state. The value is ACTIVE (after START TRANSACTION or BEGIN), COMMITTED (after COMMIT), or ROLLED BACK (after ROLLBACK).
TRX_IDbigint(20) unsignedUnused.
GTIDvarchar(64)Transaction GTID, using the format DOMAIN-SERVER_ID-SEQUENCE_NO.
XID_FORMAT_IDint(11)XA transaction format ID for GTRID and BQUAL values.
XID_GTRIDvarchar(130)XA global transaction ID.
XID_BQUALvarchar(130)XA transaction branch qualifier.
XA_STATEvarchar(64)The state of the XA transaction. The value is ACTIVE (after XA START), IDLE (after XA END), PREPARED (after XA PREPARE), ROLLED BACK (after XA ROLLBACK), or COMMITTED (after XA COMMIT).
SOURCEvarchar(64)The name of the source file containing the instrumented code that produced the event and the line number in the file at which the instrumentation occurs.
TIMER_STARTbigint(20) unsignedThe unit is picoseconds. When event timing started. NULL if event has no timing information.
TIMER_ENDbigint(20) unsignedThe unit is picoseconds. When event timing ended. NULL if event has no timing information.
TIMER_WAITbigint(20) unsignedThe unit is picoseconds. Event duration. NULL if event has not timing information.
ACCESS_MODEenum('READ ONLY', 'READ WRITE')Transaction access mode.
AUTOCOMMITenum('YES','NO')Whether autcommit mode was enabled when the transaction started.
NUMBER_OF_SAVEPOINTSbigint(20) unsignedThe number of SAVEPOINT statements issued during the transaction.
NUMBER_OF_ROLLBACK_TO_SAVEPOINTbigint(20) unsignedThe number of ROLLBACK_TO_SAVEPOINT statements issued during the transaction.
NUMBER_OF_RELEASE_SAVEPOINTbigint(20) unsignedThe number of RELEASE_SAVEPOINT statements issued during the transaction.
OBJECT_INSTANCE_BEGINbigint(20) unsignedUnused.
NESTING_EVENT_IDbigint(20) unsignedThe EVENT_ID value of the event within which this event is nested.


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