Performance Schema users Table

MariaDB starting with 10.0

The users table, along with many other new Performance Schema tables, was added in MariaDB 10.0.


Each user that connects to the server is stored as a row in the users table, along with current and total connections.

The table size is determined at startup by the value of the performance_schema_users_size system variable. If this is set to 0, user statistics will be disabled.

USERThe connection's client user name for the connection, or NULL if an internal thread.
CURRENT_CONNECTIONSCurrent connections for the user.
TOTAL_CONNECTIONSTotal connections for the user.


SELECT * FROM performance_schema.users;
| debian-sys-maint |                   0 |                35 |
| NULL             |                  20 |                23 |
| root             |                   1 |                 2 |


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