Features and Concepts


MariaDB SkySQL is a cloud database service (DBaaS) from MariaDB Corporation:

  • MariaDB SkySQL delivers MariaDB Enterprise, a comprehensive data platform for modern applications

  • MariaDB SkySQL runs on expert-maintained cloud infrastructure


SkySQL services are optimized for your workload:


Use Case

Distributed Transactions

Read/write scale applications with high concurrency and availability

Replicated Transactions

Read scale applications with high availability

Single Node Transactions

Smaller datasets with moderate concurrency

Multi-Node Analytics

Run complex analytical queries on large datasets

Single Node Analytics

Run complex analytical queries

Available Selections at Service Launch

Engineered for mission-critical applications and enterprise governance, MariaDB SkySQL combines automation with the expertise and experience needed to support production databases in the cloud.

The following selections are required at time of service launch:

Cloud Providers

  • MariaDB SkySQL is available on Amazon AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Google GCP (Google Cloud Platform).

Instance Sizes

  • MariaDB SkySQL services can be launched in a variety of instance sizes. Instance sizes vary by service and cloud provider.

Regions and Zones

  • MariaDB SkySQL services can be launched in a variety of AWS regions and GCP regions. Power Tier customers can request support for additional regions.


  • For transactional services, storage is provisioned at time of service launch.

MaxScale Redundancy

  • Available as an option for Power Tier customers to enable highly available (HA) active-active load balancers and ability to choose load balancer instance sizes.

Software Versions

  • MariaDB SkySQL services are backed by MariaDB Enterprise. Software version is selected at time of service launch.

Maintenance Windows

  • Customer-selected maintenance windows are available for Power Tier customers.

Disable SSL/TLS

  • SSL/TLS can be disabled as an option at launch.

Topology is also selected at time of service launch. For additional information, see "Services".

Additionally, MariaDB SkySQL includes options, some of which are enabled at time of service launch.

About SkySQL

What is Power Tier?

Power Tier is a premium service offering for MariaDB SkySQL customers who have the most critical requirements for uptime, availability, performance, and support.

How much does SkySQL cost?

Pricing information is shown at time of service launch.

What is MariaDB Enterprise?

MariaDB Enterprise is a comprehensive data platform for modern applications. MariaDB Enterprise includes MariaDB Enterprise Server, MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore, MariaDB Xpand, and MariaDB MaxScale. For additional information, see "Software".

What support options are available?

MariaDB SkySQL has several support options.

What is SkySQL's SLA?

For complete details, see "SLA".